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From 3rd June 2020 – Classes with Tutors from the China Academy, Hangzou


CALLIGRAPHY COURSE starts 17 June 2020 with

Mr Hong Yunzhi

Was born in 1986 at Linqing, Shandong.
In 2008, he graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts Department of Calligraphy majoring in calligraphy and seal cutting, gaining a bachelor’s degree. He is a member of the seal cutting faculty. In the same year, he founded Erxuantang Art Institution which is now Zhejiang Province Calligraphers Association.

Materials List

Brush – 3.5cm  Wolf but Sheep or Goat available too

Ink stick and Inkstone or Bottle Ink

Semi-sized Xuan paper if you have it ( you could use Grass Paper or Xuan if not)


  1. Overview of Chinese Calligraphy and basic writing skills of Regular script in Tang Dynasty

Techniques – examples of various styles

  • Techniques and structural characteristics of regular script in Tang Dynasty
  • Rules and Methods of regular script in Tang Dynasty ( Form layout)
  • Basic Techniques of Official Script in Han Dynasty ( examples of various styles)
  • Techniques and structural features of Official Script OF Han Dynasty
  • Rules of Official Script in Han Dynasty (Formal Layout)
  • Basic techniques of seal characters ( styles of different times) Other mainly with the Qin Dynasty seal script and the Qing Dynasty seal characters
  • The techniques and structure characteristics of the Qing Dynasty Seal script
  • The rules and arrangements of the Seal Characters in the Qing Dynasty
  • Basic techniques and appreciation of classic works
  • Basic introduction of cursive script and appreciation of classic works
  • Overview of Chinese seal cutting art and appreciation of classic works

Calligraphy texts

All available on Amazon except CBPS , from the Society

‘Fun with Chinese Character’s

Pub. The Straits Times Collection ISBN 982 01 3004

‘Chinese Calligraphy by Qu Leilei

Published British Museum ISBN 0 7141 2425 7

The complete guide to Chinese Calligraphy’ by Qu Leilei

Pub. CICO Books ISBN 978 1 904991 86 1

‘The simple art of Chinese Calligraphy’ by Qu Leilei

Pub. CICO Books ISBN 1 903116 49 X

“Fun with Chinese Characters “– looks at the development of the characters. Federal Publications no ISBN 981013004

‘Calligraphy and Painting Warm the Heart’s by Dr Li Xuzhuang


‘Calligraphy for Paintings


These are basic ‘how to ‘ books

Just a beautiful book:

‘Symbols,Art,and Language from the Land of the Dragon’ by Ni Yibin

The cultural history of 100 chinese characters

Pub Duncan Baird Publishers ISBN978 1 84483 849 3


LANDSCAPE COURSE starts 10 June 2020 with

Mr Yang Tong-lin

Yang Tong-lin
A Chinese landscape painting faculty member, was born in 1985 at Lining,
In 2010, he gained a BA in the Department of Traditional Chinese Painting, China Academy of fine arts, Hangzou and, in 2016, an MA.
Currently Mr Yong is based in the China Academy of Fine Arts as Chinese landscape painting and drawing Program Director. He is also a special teacher of the School of Continuing Education, and a Special Teacher of the academy of Buddhist Arts in
He has 10 years experience of teaching Chinese landscape painting, has had several
exhibitions, and his works have been collected by many institutions.

Thanks to Irene Bartholomew for the following information from our first tutorial:

Mr Yang’s painting style and methods follows a famous artist Huang Bin Hong 黄宾虹.  You can find his landscape paintings through Google search. https://kknews.cc/culture/rbknlan.html

Here are some main points:

Huang Bin Hong “Five Brush Seven Ink” method;

Five Brush styles:
平 Even、留  Remain、圓 Smooth、重  Weight、變  Change
Even : The stroke is even throughout
Remain: Control the stroke, no hesitation, leave a meaningful mark
Smooth: Round and smooth, flexible
Weight: Thick and heavy (the mark can be seen on the back of the paper)
Change: Combine / interchange the above four style to express your emotions

Seven Ink styles:
濃 Dense、淡 Light、破 Split、積 Accumulate、潑 Splash、焦 Dry、宿Overnight
Some of these styles are self-explanatory
Split: Use dense/light to split and create contrast & harmony
Overnight : Ink left overnight or several days creates a different style but this method is for more advanced artists.

Mr Huang Bin Hong said : A painting with less than three ink styles is not a finished painting.


Mr Yang – Homework 8-4-21


Flower and Bird Course starts 3rd June 2020 with

Mr Dong Xue-xin

Dong Xue-xin was born in Liaocheng, Shandong province in 1986.
In 2010, he graduated with a Bachelor egree from China Academy of Fine Arts Painting of Flowers and Birds.
At the China Academy of Fine Arts institute in 2019 he gained an MA in Professional Painting, specialising in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art.
Since 2010, Mr Dong has participated in the national and local exhibitions and his works
have been collected by many art organizations and collectors.
Currently he is member of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and is a teacher of the school of continuing education.
Syllabus -Teaching content

(X = Workshop has taken place – check emails for recordings)

X Week 1: Longevity Peach
X Week 2: Lychee
X Week 3: Orchids
X Week 4: Bamboo
X Week 5: Lotus Flowers
Week 6: Chrysanthemums
Week 7: Osmanthus flowers
Week 8: Plum Blossom
Week 9: little Chicken (chick)
Week 10: Sparrows
Week 11: Shrimp
Week 12: Bees

Materials required
Three brushes: large, medium, small e.g 4.5cm, 3.5cm, 2.4cm – measure the brush head. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is sheep(soft ) or wolf ( firm) but you might like to have both available.
Ink: either from an ink stick and inkstone or bottled ink. If using bottled ink, remember that you NEVER use it straight from the bottle as it is VERY black.
Paper: ideally Single or double Xuan – not semi -sized or sized for this course as you want the water to be absorbed.
Paints: white, carmine, deep red (rouge) mineral blue and mineral green, cinnabar ( all are in the Marie’s box of paints) plus 3 water containers or a 3 partition water container. A white palette ( or several) is advised so that you can see the colours more clearly.
Willow Charcoal: used for shaping (optional)
Test paper: – a piece of paper the same as the one you are painting on, to test how the ink and water will react. Plus Paper towel: to dry the brush if required
Felt or blanket to cover the table
If you need extra supplies, Sidewinder Art and Oriental Arts are still delivering.

Copies of the work from the tutorials is available to members from Tricia Wormald. Contact Tricia if you have not received a copy be email.

All above images copyright of Dong Xue-Xin


Mrs Wang Yu Yan – Figurative, Flower and Fruit

Born in Chongqing, Mrs Wang gratuated from the Department of Chinese Painting, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
She is a founder and Ink artist curator of Yan (art derivative brand).
Her memberships include Membership of the Chongqing Artists Association and the China Cultural Industry Promotion Association.
Mrs Wang is also Deputy Secretary General of Chongqing Fine Brushwork Association and contributes to the Sichuan Academy of Contemporary Oil Painting professional artists’ magazine, books and periodicals, publication and novel illustrations
In 2017 she was a winner on the Art Market Value List and her “Bottle Flower series” won the 2016 Mulan Award plus the China Post Wanlitang Cup Postcard Cultural Creative Design competition (professional group).


September: “Beyond the Boundaries” contemporary ink invitational exhibition.
The ARTCLOUD Global Center for Original Art Gallery opened the exhibition.
July: “Jade in Yan” exhibition of her personal works in Chengdu.
February: the Chongqing Fine Brushwork Invitational Exhibition, Chongqing.
January: the Chongqing first Fine Brushwork exhibition Chongqing.

December: Chinese New Contemporary Art New Year Concert and Academic Year of Sichuan. Academy of Contemporary Oil Painting (sixth Session).
June: Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Hong Kong.
April: “The Nature of Water” — Freehand Watercolor Artists’ works nominated exhibition, Guangdong

December: Chinese New Contemporary Art annual nomination exhibition.
September: Wang Yuhan and Wang Yuyan exhibited in the joint Art Center, Beijing.
August: Qiyunshan group exhibition.
April: The second “Bao Zhen Art Promotion Plan” and “Chinese Culture Universal Travel into Fenghua”
Youth Art Exhibition
March: Chongqing Women’s Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition. Chongqing Art Museum.
January: First Chengdu Art Museum Academic Nomination Exhibition, Chengdu Art Museum.

December: New Contemporary Art Academic Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Contemporary Oil Painting, Wenxuan Art Museum, Chengdu.
September: Fan Yan Xintiandi Art Center, Chongqing.
May: “Direction: Future” youth support program toured the world and exhibited at the Front Art Center, Beijing.
Sichuan Art Museum. “The First Excellent Works Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Fine Brushwork Inter-provincial Alliance”
March: “She” new Female Painting exhibition, Beijing

All images copyright Mrs Wang Yu Yan

14 October 2020 – Mrs Zhen – Lotus and Bird

All images copyright Mrs Zhen

16 September 2020 – Mr Gau Jimin – Figurative – Beauties

All images copyright Gau Jimin

Materials and Equipment used in Mr Gau Jimin’s demonstration of beauties:

Brush – wolf sheep hair 5/6 cm long 0.6 head 30/70 mix

Paint Colours – Burnt Sienna, Mineral Green, Rouge, Gamboge, Cinnabar, Black

24th June 2020 – Mr Xie Feidong – Landscape and Music

(Mr Xie Feidong is the husband of Mrs Nei Hui)

Mr Xie Feidongs is a scholar, calligrapher, poet, and Guqin musician. He is also a Member of the Chinese Couplets Association and a Member of the Painting and Calligraphy Committee, a Member of the Chinese Guqin Society and China’s Academy of Poetry, and a Member of Chongqing Writers Association. He has served as a consultant of the Asian-Chinese Federation of Calligraphers and Painters, and is Deputy Secretary General of the Academy of Calligraphy and Painting of the Chongqing Nanan CPPCC, and President of Tushan Qin Club. 

Universities to which he has been invited are, in the USA, the University of Washington, the University of Colorado, the University of Denver, the University of Utah, the Purdue University. In the UK he is known at the Queen Mary University.

He has taken part in international academic exchanges, lectures and exhibitions. Guqin appreciation sessions were held by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the UK, the University of Ciyu in Indonesia, the University of Southern in Malaysia, Jindal Global University in India, the Chinese Cultural Centre in Singapore, House of Representatives of the Japanese parliament, Korea, the Haojiang Middle School in Macau, Peking University, the Capital Library, Chengdu Chuanxin Academy and other cultural and arts institutions in China and overseas. 

He has been interviewed by Xinhua net and China Youth Daily.

Mr Xie Feidong and his wife Madam Nie Hui co-authored the best-selling calligraphy books Du Zi (Explore Chinese Characters) and Du Zi Shi Zhong Guo (Read China through Chinese Characters), which explain the origin and culture of Chinese characters. He won the excellent Popular Science Book Award in Chongqing and was collected by the National Library of China, by “Guangming Daily” as “reading Chinese characters, reading Chinese culture”. He also published two collaborative books; “Lian Heng Shi Ci Xuan Zhu (Selections of Poetries of LianHeng)” and “Le Du Guo Xue (Enjoying Sinology)”. In music, he has written the Guqin Representative Repertoire “Yu shu Lin feng , the creation of Guqin Music “ba yu dance” , ” the song of waiting” and others.

27th May 2020 – Mrs Zheng Xiangxian – Lotus

Zheng Xiangxian, born in Chongqing in 1942, graduated from Beijing university of economics from 1985 to 1988. She majored in advertising, and was a Southwest Book Company arts and crafts artist, also Director of Chongqing Chinese poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Research Association, member of Chongqing Women’s Painting and Calligraphy Association, Chongqing chairman entrepreneurship training school art professor.
In her early years, she studied oil painting, calligraphy and later Chinese flower-and-bird painting. Zheng is a Qi Baishi Master, and a Master influenced by the famous zen painter Gao Jimin, who is within the tradition and the natural convergence of the opportunity to find a wisp of mystery, to stand out. The painting style is fresh, natural and unique.
Her works have participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad. Works ‘Qiu Ju’ was included in the national chrysanthemum patterns catalogue of Chinese painting set. The work ‘Cixin entries Qiu – Yun figure’ was in the Chen Zizhuang art gallery collection. The work “Lotus Figure” appeared in the first painting and calligraphy art exhibition in Chongqing. The work ‘The Autumn Leaf ‘ in Chongqing Women’s Painting and Calligraphy Association in the painting and calligraphy exhibition won the bronze medal. Again in Chongqing the work ‘Double Habitat Diagram. in the calligraphy and painting photographic exhibition, won the bronze medal. Partcipating in the 2000 years Japanese Korean Women’s Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Zheng’s four screen works gained the excellence award. Her works ‘ Lotus Yuanyang Figure’, ‘Cicadas Diagram” appeared in the 2002 American Hawaii International Art Festival of Chinese Painting. A variety of works have been published and collected at home and abroad.

20th May 2020 – Mrs Nei Hui – Figure and Rock – with Music

Nie Hui is a literati painter and calligrapher who integrates the creation of music, poetry, calligraphy and paintings with academic studies. She is the Deputy Director of Plastic Arts (ie Fine Arts) Center of the College of Art of Chongqing University, president of Lv Yi Academy and Deputy President of Chongqing Young Calligraphers Association. A member of the Chinese Calligraphers’ Association and Chinese Poetry Association, Nie Hui won the gold medal in the first Women’s Calligraphy Competition and the gold prize medal in the 3nd International (Japan) Calligraphy Exhibition. She has been invited to hold 24 individual exhibitions of her works and Guqin concerts in the UK, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Beijing, Jiangsu and Chongqing. Her works were exhibited in more than 30 cities at home and abroad such as Columbia University (USA) and her works were collected by the National Museum of Chinese Writing, Las Vegas Museum of Natural History(USA). Together with Mr. Xiefeidong, she has published many monographs such as “Understanding China through Chinese Characters” and so on.

Nei Hui – Landscape with Beauty

Nei Hui

13th May 2020 – Jiang Tao – Landscape

Jiang Tao (B. 1956), the master artist, born in a family of calligrapher and painter,his comprehension and skills are inherited, by now, three generations since his grandfather. 

Jiang Tao

All images copyright Jiang Tao

Jiang Tao at work on scroll:

6th May 2020 – Mr Gao Ji Ming – Figurative

Gao Jimin

Gao Jimin, was born in 1939. He is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, invited painter of Li Keran Painting and Calligraphy Institute, senior editor of Chongqing Publishing House, consultant of Chongqing Chinese Painting Society, and honorary dean of Chongqing Zen Painting Institute. He is good at Zen Taoist figures, especially that of Luohan. The painting world is known as “Gao Luohan”. The masters of the ancient dynasty, the Liang Shu painting masters, had a unique ink painting style with ancient impressionistic influences . He has participated in many large-scale art exhibitions at home and abroad, and his work “Guide of the Road” participated in the National Art Exhibition. Gau Jimin’s works “Fishing joy ” and “Listening to Raindrops ” participated in the “Chinese Contemporary Master Painting Exhibition” held in Tokyo, Japan. The “Yong Bao Zhai Chinese Paintings Collection” and “Zhongnanhai Collections”, etc. The work “18 Arhats” was permanently collected by the Great Hall of the People and Beijing Tiananmen Gate. In Japan, Singapore, Guangzhou, Chongqing, he has had many individual art exhibitions, and a variety of personal paintings.

All images copyright Gao Jimin

29th April 2020 – Mrs Su Yan – Landscape

Mrs Su Yan, was born in November 1976 in Shanghai. She has liked painting since childhood. After graduating from University, she went to France for further study. On returning to China, she devoted herself to the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Finding Mr. Jiang Tao of Chongqing she followed him to study Chinese landscape painting and systematically, copied a large number of ancient famous paintings. After that, she graduated from the senior research class of Shanghai Chinese Academy of painting. Su Yan is a member of Shanghai Artists Association, director of Shanghai Pudong New Area Artists Association. Currently she is engaged in art education.

Su Yan

Su Yan – Image for Demonstration

All images copyright Su Yan